Clogger Arborists Chainsaw Pants

$305.00 inc GST

Designed specifically for arborists, these pants include several innovative features unique to Clogger. A high tech polyester lycra stretch fabric is used for the outer material. This provides the ultimate in comfort and mobility without stressing seams, it is also cooler to wear and has higher tear strength than traditional polycotton fabric. Zipped pocket openings prevent contents falling out and sawdust getting in, the pockets are positioned lower than standard hip pockets to allow access even while wearing a harness. A portion of the hem is left unattached for trash removal and the slippery polysheen lining allows for total mobility, ensuring maximum comfort. The lower leg of the pants is protected by 360º of protective fabric to protect the back of the leg while climbing.

Available in the following sizes: 79cm, 83cm, 87cm, 91cm, 95cm, 99cm, 103cm, 107cm and 111cm.

Product Codes:
T61A079A = 79cm
T61A083A = 83cm
T61A087A = 87cm
T61A091A = 91cm
T61A095A = 95cm
T61A099A = 99cm
T61A103A = 103cm
T61A107A = 107cm 
T61A111A = 111cm